Pliage manuel

Steel, aluminium and stainless-steel
bending resources./

  • 8-axis digitally controlled bending machines
    • 220 tonnes max on 3000mm – coupled
    • 100 tonnes max on 3000mm – coupled
  • 8-axis digitally controlled bending machine
    • 50 tonnes max on 2000mm – coupled
  • Roller

    small diameter minimum 80mm/1m

  • Plunging
  • Racking
  • Crushed fold


Digitally controlled solutions to bend steel, stainless steel and aluminium

In 2018, TFE invested in new bending machines to meet industry requirements in terms of quality and quantity.

These machines make it possible to bend the simplest to the most complex stainless steel, aluminium or steel parts in series. In just a few steps, the multi-station bending press accuracy allows the manufacture of varied geometries, crushed bends or plunging, without having to rework the parts.

Digital control makes the work and the repeatability of bespoke sheet metal bending easier for better man-machine complementarity
The TFE offer is complete, with angular bending, variable radius bending and crushed bends.

Stretching for large radii instead of rolling or in addition to it, is also possible.

The TFE angle: guarantee constant quality and the shortest lead times

Bending solutions

all activities

TFE proposes sheet metal bending up to 3 metres, with a power of 50 to 220 tonnes.

The bending accuracy for single parts or sub-assemblies allows TFE to propose a wide range of technical solutions. The 8-axis digitally controlled bending machines are used to meet industrial mass production requests, or bespoke orders for the building trade: maintenance parts, various machine frames, heat pump metal work, electric cabinets, IT racks, shelves, boxes, brackets, all types of support and point of sale advertising.
Specific cladding, joinery cladding such as weatherproofing and caps are also regularly machined by TFE on demand.