Punching technical resources,
the FMC laser combi./

  • Power

    3.2kw – 18 tonnes

  • Table format

    1,250mm x 2,500mm

  • Maximum thickness
    • Steel 6mm
    • Stainless steel 4mm
    • Aluminium 6mm
  • Tapping, countersinking, forming, automatic bending


TFE uses a laser-punching combi for perforation, forming and die-stamping

Punching productivity combined with the flexibility of laser increases productivity, which is one of TFE’s strengths.

Industrial punching is suitable for functional and geometric parts that require work and cutting in the thickness of the metal. Precision punching for stainless steel, aluminium and steel is carried out by hole punch using a die punch, a quicker and cheaper technique than traditional drilling.

TFE uses a laser-punching combi to process thicknesses up to 6mm with a maximum power of 18 tonnes for plates of up to 2.5m.

Plates perforated with large numbers of holes will be produced in industrial quantities using punching to control production costs.
Sheet metal cold cutting using a die is used to accurately cut complex parts and perforate the material in multiple places using different techniques.

Hydraulic stamping gives metal parts a new form to shape it to the required profile.

TFE supports you in your choice of process and the tools to prefer depending on the final use of the product and the requested quantities.

The performance of TFE techniques provides a high degree of production management flexibility.


The forming, cutting, countersinking and tapping used on the laser-punching combi guarantee quality parts produced in the shortest time.

TFE processes are automated and are suitable for all metals, stainless steel, aluminium and steel.

The production parameters used by the digital interface optimise production and increase the reliability of checks.

The methods department advises customers on the techniques to use, whether punching, laser cutting or combined techniques to reduce production costs and lead times.

TFE operators are all fine and industrial sheet metal professionals and are trained in the use of the different machines. Their versatility increases our flexibility.