• Dimensions max.
    • 3m long
    • 2m50 high
    • 1m wide

Powder Coating


Beyond customisation, the application of epoxy or polyester powder paints on parts and sub-assemblies protects them from corrosion and gives products a high-quality finish.

Corrosion resistance will be adapted to the part’s final use indoor, outdoor, marine quality, …

Customers have the choice between all standardised colours and TFE also has the possibility of providing customising colours.

Different powder coating finish textures are available: smooth, sanded, grainy, textured, …

The surface preparation principles are adapted to the raw material, steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

Maximum size of parts powder coated by TFE: 3m long, 2m50 high and 1m wide.

The epoxy solution is used for medium and large series of industrial parts in the IT, fixture and fitting and urban furniture sectors.