Laser cutting
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    1,500mm x 3,000mm

  • Maximum thickness
    • Steel 20mm 02
    • Stainless steel 15mm N2
    • Aluminium 8mm N2
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Laser Cutting

The flexibility of laser, from prototypes to mass production

Laser cutting is adapted to producing finely worked metal parts in aluminium, stainless steel and steel.

The combination of an effective programming service and efficient technical resources means that TFE can quickly launch specific laser cutting production.

From single parts to industrial mass production, TFE meets all the needs of the classic and innovating sheet metal work markets.

Recent equipment and rigorous organisation guarantee the quality of our services.
Complex and even artistic industrial designs are possible using laser cutting.

3D CAD makes it possible to work parts of different thicknesses, precise bending radii, and curved profiles, and to optimise the assembly of the different parts together.

Many sectors of activity use TFE’s laser cutting expertise.

All sectors

Historically, the first sectors for which we worked on fine sheet metal were the phone industry and the lighting industry for which we produced projector parts.
Laser cutting widened the scope of our skills in producing industrial or specific and complex parts.

TFE partners work in all fields of activity: IT, aviation, electronics, food and agri-food, mechanics, point of sale advertising, fixture and fittings, automotive, and on the electric vehicle market, …

In the construction sector, TFE produces metal cuts for facade cladding, joinery, pools and shelters, lighting… in small or large series.
Safety and access parts such as die-stamped steps and non-slip duck boarding are increasingly in demand.

Considering the large number of industrial applications and the infinity of bespoke solutions, the list cannot be exhaustive.