Finition sur tôle


  • Twin-component liquid polyurethane paint
  • Screen printing
  • Finishes
  • All electroplating treatments


TFE provides the finish for machined parts: epoxy powder coating, PU paint, electro-plating treatments, screen printing

Twin-component liquid polyurethane paint

Polyurethane paint can be applied to steel and aluminium with all the standard colours or using colours customised by TFE on demand.
The excellent strength of twin-component PU paint composed of a base and a hardener gives it a more aesthetic appearance.
Thickness, primer and application will be defined depending on the use of the parts.

This finishing technique is used by TFE for certain specific specifications, in particular in the armament, machine-tool and aviation sectors.

Screen printing

TFE can screen print all sheet metal parts in its workshops for identification or marking for example.
Screen printing is white, black or using the pantone colour chart of your choice.
Using your computer file, TFE creates the frames and screens needed to screen print your products.
Screen printing can be applied to rough cut, brushed, sand blasted, powder coated or liquid polyurethane painted products


In particular for stainless steel, TFE proposes sand blasting, micro shot blasting or brushing finishes for different appearances: 220 grade, Scotch-Brite™ 1000 grade, micro-shot of several sizes.
The choice of finish can be made on a sample and through the study of the final use of the part.
These different types of finish are above all used for access and safety products, advertising items, point of sale advertising and by elevator professionals.

All electroplating treatments

TFE proposes several metal surface treatments.
Zinc plating to protect corrosive parts, nickel plating for its mechanical, corrosion protection properties and its appearance, anodising for wear and heat resistance. Surtec® is also often used, on demand, mainly for the aviation and electronics industry.
TFE can take charge of managing these many treatments so that you can receive finished products.